Trial and error is a critical part of human life but sometimes the trials come with such magnitude that it seems impossible to get up again. At moments like these, trusting God becomes the most daunting task and a key need to survive. This article speaks about how one can build confidence in God in trying times when life falls apart.

1. Stay Connected to God through Prayer

Speaking to God is one way we can stay close despite what we are going through. Prayer may not alter the situation but will keep you grounded and connected, allowing Him to guide and lead in ways you wouldn't have otherwise thought of.

Regular prayer develops intimacy with our Lord, helping us understand His perspectives better even when we don’t necessarily agree with the circumstances at hand. Prayers become opportunities for Him to sustain us while He works on our situations according to His plan. It helps us from feeling isolated or despairing during tough moments.

It might also entail staying aware of the scriptures, meditating upon them, as they provide clarity and affirmation about God's character, promises and guiding principles.

2. Cultivate a Posture of Gratitude Even During Struggles

In difficult moments, it can be challenging to remember all the things we have reason to thank God for. However, actively practicing gratitude helps maintain focus on things going well even amidst trials. As we count our blessings, we shift our thinking from feeling helpless to being grateful, which in turn allows greater peace to grow within us.

This approach doesn't mean glossing over what hurts or minimizing pain - rather, it involves identifying value in everyday things or people around us and opening up to receive comfort and joy from God despite our struggles. Such a heart stance draws us nearer to Him who comforts all those experiencing similar challenges across history.

3. Remember Past Triumphs Over Adversity

Our journey through life is full of hardships from childhood into adult years. However, despite setbacks, there will likely be instances where we faced obstacles but emerged victorious due to God's intervention or provision. Recalling these stories strengthens our conviction that God remains committed to supporting us now as well during this storm too.

Consider keeping a journal or calendar notes marked with testimonies; some prefer taking pictures as visual reminders. These practical keepsakes provide concrete evidence for how God has come through previously and renew hope for present and future difficulties. Reflecting on past triumphs over adversity equips us mentally with fortitude required for endurance amid trials today.

4. Lean Upon Community - Believers Network

Difficult times make isolating ourselves seem like an easy option because sharing pain feels burdensome. But getting vulnerable before others (preferably individuals rooted firmly in faith), provides emotional support vital during turbulent periods. These people understand best how your situation impacts spiritual growth since they share beliefs. Connecting with such trusted networks assists you in retaining focus beyond immediate personal pains towards broader worldview aspects centered around divine providence.

These believer connections offer perspective and strength enabling us to apply biblical insights into our struggles more effectively than if tackled solo. Their counsel offers reassurance during dark hours while enhancing our understanding of God working all things together for good despite crises faced currently.


Trusting in God during difficult times requires intentional steps such as praying unceasingly, maintaining a posture of gratitude despite hardship, remembering past successes overcoming troubles, and leaning on supportive Christian communities. Embracing these practices encourages you spiritually, connecting deeper with Him as you navigate through difficult periods of life knowing He remains faithful regardless of your circumstance.