Whether you are new to the Christian faith or have been following Jesus for years, it's always beneficial to remember some key lessons that will help strengthen your faith. Some of these may seem basic but all are essential to really living out Christianity. Let's take a look at nine important lessons that apply universally to both new and experienced Christians alike.

1. Develop an Intimate Relationship with God through Prayer and Scripture Meditation

At the heart of being a Christian is engaging in prayer and reading the Bible regularly to grow closer to God. Through these practices, we can receive wisdom, guidance, comfort and inspiration while deepening our connection to Him. It’s crucial to make time each day—however busy life may be—to talk to God personally about your thoughts, feelings and needs.

2. Be Faithful in Attendance and Service at Your Church Community

Regular involvement in church services helps build fellowship with other believers, allows for spiritual growth under sound biblical teaching from the pastors/leaders, and encourages accountability amongst community members who support each other spiritually as well as in practical ways when needed. Participating in church activities also provides opportunity for utilizing your own unique gifts and talents to serve others.

3. Understand That We Are All on a Journey of Growth and Sanctification

No one is perfect - not even new Christians who might appear more zealous than seasoned ones – nor does anyone immediately gain complete understanding of the nuances of the faith the moment they accept Christ as their Savior. Recognizing this truth helps us show grace towards ourselves and others; allowing patience, love, humility, and forgiveness to guide us throughout our growth process.

4. Live According to Biblical Principles

Being consistent in applying scriptural teachings - such as loving others unconditionally, demonstrating selfless generosity, refraining from gossip, displaying integrity in all actions etc., - brings positive change into not only personal lives but society at large. This fulfillment of God's calling leads to abundant joy and peace beyond comprehension despite any adversity faced along the way.

5. Share the Good News of Salvation With Others

As followers of Christ, we are charged with spreading the Gospel message of salvation which offers hope, redemption, forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ. While this doesn't necessarily mean aggressively preaching door-to-door (although that could be part), simply sharing testimonies of transformation by God's grace, leading by example or providing resources during natural opportunities to discuss faith adds value to other people’s lives and honors God’s command given in Matthew 28:19-20.

6. Practice Grace Toward Others Including Fellow Believers

Recognizing that everyone has flaws and makes mistakes, we must grant forgiveness readily. Concurrently, resist judgmental attitudes and resist comparisons based on perceived spiritual "levels". A supportive environment for fellow Christians fosters nurturing relationships conducive to spiritual growth and a sense of belonging within the body of Christ.

7. Trust In God Even When Facing Trials or Difficulties

A strong relationship with God equips believers with the strength they need to navigate challenging times such as illnesses, job loss or family issues. Whilst there may not always be immediate resolution or understanding regarding hardships faced, keeping faith in God ensures reliance upon His providence throughout experiences which ultimately shapes character and reinforces trust in divine sovereignty.

8. Strive For Spiritual Maturity

Continuously cultivate deeper knowledge of the Scriptures, expand your faith vocabulary, get involved in discipleship programs or small groups, evangelism training etc., This lifelong pursuit aids in developing intellectual strength coupled with emotional fortitude required for endurance against pressures facing contemporary Christianity.

9. Maintain An Attitude Of Gratitude

Frequently express thankfulness for blessings big and small acknowledging that everything comes directly from God. Recognize opportunities to practice gratitude in personal prayer times and throughout daily interactions demonstrates humbleness before God while encouraging thankful hearts among those witnessing it.

In summary, whether you're new to following Christ or an experienced member of His church family, practicing these fundamental lessons will greatly enrich your faith journey and strengthen your walk with God while positively impacting those around you.